About Us

Enter Ladipo market with ease and utmost confidence..  Here now is a low-hanging fruit for all Nigerian car-owners regardless of where you are in the country.

You will not only source auto-parts but you will access best hands to fix them.  In this online version, Ladipo Market’s borders have been pulled down for your sakes.

We give you Indirect Access to the list of existing auto part Vendors in Nigeria starting at Ladipo Market.

And as well give you Direct Access to best deals on purchase of the following accessories/services:

          a.  Batteries

          b.  Tyres

          c.  Wheels

          d.  Car Automation

          e.  Engine Oils

          f.  Transmission Fluid

          g.  Break Oils

          h. Radiator coolant

Ladipo C.A.R :- The only existing solution that takes panic off Lagos motorists permanently.

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